What Carmack does


Producing homegrown digital products inhouse to bring the latest learnings, passions, and curiosities to life.

Consultancy projects

Helping companies figure out the next step of their product, and how it could be experienced.


Providing product advisory when you need it in the form of a phone call, meeting or a workshop.

Examples of work

Soundtrack Your Brand

Born out of Spotify to provide suitable music for businesses.

The brief • Create a viable concept of how our music curation team could scale the selection work in terms of time, collaboration, and song findability.

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Seventy Agency

Agency of the year 2013-2017 in its field of strategy and branding.

The brief • We are defining a new sub-brand of a large Nordic company. What could be applicable digital services and products in the new offering?

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Letting people automatically save money in clever ways via its mobile app.

The brief • We want to offer our customers to automatically put away money into investments. Define the concept and produce the launchable product with the Qapital team.

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Make something people actually want